Maternity Dresses for Photoshoots

Maternity photos can be some of the most beautiful and intimate photos you’ll ever take, and finding the perfect outfit to wear isn’t always an easy decision. Line & Roots has an amazing selection of stunning maternity dresses for photoshoots that come with all of our maternity packages. From form-fitting to flowy, strapless to long-sleeved maternity dresses that show off the bump or cover it, all our maternity gowns are designed to flatter every figure and make every momma-to-be feel beautiful on and off camera.

Featured Maternity Dresses for Photoshoots

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Full List of Maternity Rental Gowns

Gown Name Length & Color Example Image Link
Angela Gown Medium, Champagne Example Image
Colbie Gown Medium, Peach Example Image
Emerlie Gown Medium, Wine Example Image
Helena Tutu & Bandeau Long, Ivory Example Image
Jennifer Gown Medium, White NA
Jessica Gown Long, Plum Example Image
Jessica Gown Small, Black Example Image
Krysten Gown Long, Black Example Image
Krysten Gown Medium, Blush Example Image
Miley Gown Medium, Ombre Example Image
Rebecca Gown Medium, Blue Rain NA
Samantha Gown Medium, Ivory Example Image
Tracie Gown Medium, Gray Example Image
Valerie Gown Medium, Camel Example Image
Marissa Gown Small, Red Example Image
Rachel Gown Small, Royal Blue Example Image
Selena Gown Small, Evergreen Example Image
Francesca Cocktail Small, Teal Example Image
Heidi Cocktail Small, Red Example Image
Louise Cocktail Small, Plum Example Image
Vickie Cocktail Small, Black Example Image
Monica Cocktail Small, Navy Example Image

Maternity Photo Dresses FAQs

Q: Do I have to use one of your maternity gowns?
A: Using our gowns is optional. If you wish, you can wear something of your own.

Q: Are there any rental fees for using your gowns?
A: There are no additional fees for using our gowns.

Q: How can I try on the gowns?
A: You are more than welcome to try on the maternity gowns in studio before your session.

Q: How do I know the gown will fit?
A: All our maternity gowns are handmade with high quality, soft stretch fabric to shape to any body type.

Q: Can I rent more than one dress?
A: We do allow one maternity rental gown per hour of your session

Q: Do you provide the flowy fabric that some pictures on your blog have?
A: Yes. The fabric in the images is usually silk and we have a few different maternity dress color options to choose from.

Q: How will I get the gown before my session?
A: You are more than welcome to come to the studio prior to your session to get dressed. Or the photographer will bring the maternity dress to your session.

Q: Do you only have one style of maternity dress?
A: We have various styles, sizes, and colors to choose from for every momma-to-be.

Q: Do I need to clean the dress after the session?
A: No. We take care of the cleaning process for our maternity dresses in between each session we have.

Q: What should I wear under the dress?
A: We suggest wearing a nude strapless bra and nude underwear under your maternity gown.

More Images of Our Maternity Photoshoot Outfits