Your Newborn, Maternity, & Family Photographer

At Line & Roots, we capture family history in the making. Whether you’re celebrating your first child and you need a newborn photographer or you’re having your sixth grandchild and need new family portraits, we’ll be there to photograph every precious life event — freezing the moment in time with beautiful imagery that tells your story.

Based in Orange County, Line & Roots Photography is a team of passionate creatives who are experienced and knowledgeable in newborn photography, maternity photography, and family photography. As you lay down your roots and extend your family line, let us artfully capture each and every growing branch of your family tree.

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Your little bundle of joy is here, and we’d love to be a part of your journey as your newborn photographers. With our creative eye, beautiful (safe) newborn props, and years of experience, we are the perfect choice for the occasion. Newborn photography is half art and half baby whispering. All the creativity in the world means nothing if the precious newborn doesn’t stay asleep long enough for us to gently move him or her into position. Your team of newborn photographers will consist of two members, one to handle and pose the baby and one to focus on the creativity, lighting and creative compositions.