When to Take Maternity Photos

A common question pregnant mothers have is, “when should I take my maternity photos?

The standard time-frame for taking professional maternity photos is in the third trimester of your pregnancy, between 30-35 weeks. However, each woman is different and there are no absolute rules against doing your photo session outside of this recommended timeline.

Below are a few situations when you would want to consider having your maternity session outside of the 30-35 recommended time-frame.

When there are safety concerns

If you are having a high-risk pregnancy and maternity photos are important to you, you may want to consider having your maternity photo session earlier than the recommended time-frame to avoid overexerting your body late in the pregnancy.

While your photographer will always be sensitive to your energy levels during the shoot, you know your body best.  Monitor how you feel in the weeks leading up to your shoot. If you feel like you want to schedule it earlier, contact your photographer to see if you can push up the date.

When you have scheduling conflicts

Don’t let the scheduling conflicts keep you from celebrating this precious moment in your life.  If you’re not available for your maternity session between 30 and 35 weeks of your pregnancy, then we suggest doing it earlier.

Utilizing certain poses and angles, lighting, and clothing choices, our maternity photographers know how to emphasize and draw focus on the belly.  So even if your baby bump isn’t as big as you initially wanted for the photos, you’ll still get the results in the photos you were envisioning.

When you simply prefer the look of your body earlier in the pregnancy

Sometimes clients plan their maternity session for the recommended timeframe, but change their session to an earlier date because they feel like they’re growing faster than expected.

Every woman and their body is unique.  If you want to commemorate and celebrate your pregnancy at 25 weeks, then do it!  Again, there aren’t any hard and fast rules to this art and this experience.  Do what you want and enjoy it!