Baby Photography Tips for Newborn and Baby Photo Sessions

Before and after your newborn photography session with Line and Roots, you’ll still want to take plenty of photos of your baby.  Whether you have a professional camera or just a camera phone, understanding some basic principles will help you take better photos of your baby.  So we put together this list of 10 baby photography tips for you to keep in mind!

Tip 1 – Use Natural Window Light

For your baby photos, keep your lighting simple.  Find a big window and shoot during a time when direct sunlight is NOT streaming through.  The bigger the light source the “softer” the light, so find the largest window in your home and turn off all of the other lights in the room.  Even dim or small lights can spill onto your subjects and create uneven lighting.

Tip 2 – Be Patient and Overshoot

For baby photography, the perfect expression comes and goes in an instant.  So once everything is set up and you’ve tested your lighting, make sure you get in position and remain ready to fire away.  It can take a whole hour to get a few good shots, so be patient.

Tip 3 – Think Safety First with Baby Photos

Baby safety is THE most important thing to consider in your photo shoot.  It goes without saying that you should never put your baby next to hard or sharp objects (or anything else that might cause the baby harm).  Having another family member help you as a “spotter” is also important so that the baby doesn’t roll over.

Tip 4 – Choose Cohesive Colors and Props

A common mistake beginner photographers make is incorporating too many colors, props, and other elements in their photos.  Keep the colors and props consistent and cohesive; and remember, in photography, less is often more.  In the image below, notice how the subtle pinks and tans complement each other.  Also notice how the simple box, blanket, and roses add just the right amount of interest without being a distraction.

Tip 5 – Add Cute and Custom Props to Baby Photos

Props are fun elements to add to your baby photos because they can add a personalized touch and make them truly unique.  They also show just how small and precious the baby is at this stage in life.  You can have fun with props by adding in things that reflect the personalities and hobbies of the baby’s parents. Get creative and have fun!

Tip 6 – Don’t Forget the Details of Your Baby

After you have your “main” photo that you originally envisioned, take a moment and snap photos of the hands, the feet, and other details of the baby.  Those can sometimes turn out to be the best photos you take!

Tip 7 – Photograph Sequences of Your Baby

As you photograph your baby, keep your camera up and keep shooting as he or she moves around and interacts with the other elements in the scene.  These photos can create cute sequences that, when placed side by side, tell a fun story.

Tip 8 – Consider Action Poses and Cues for Your Baby

With babies 6 months old and up, you can start incorporating action poses in your photography.  Have the baby interact with a family member, using tricks that make the baby laugh.  Try tickling the baby, having the baby “climb” on the parents, smothering the baby with kisses and other action poses.

Tip 9 – Try Multiple Secondary Angles

Once you have the scene set up, instead of moving the baby, consider moving around and capturing different angles.  Sometimes the best shot you get is the second or third idea you have that stems from the original idea.

Tip 10 – Shoot During Golden Hour

If your baby shoot is outside, time your photo session to happen 1 hour before sunset.  This is what photographers call “golden hour” because of the beautiful, soft, golden light.  Try to keep direct sunlight off of the face, as that will create harsh shadows.  Position your baby so that the light is hitting the back of her head.  Or put her in the shade so that it doesn’t hit her at all.

Conclusion and Summary of 10 Baby Photography Tips

The most important thing is to have fun.  The best part about photographing your own baby is that you’re spending valuable time with him or her.  If things don’t go exactly as planned, you can always try again another day!  Here’s a brief summary of our 10 baby photography tips:

  1. Use Natural Window Light
  2. Be Patient and Overshoot
  3. Think Safety First with Baby Photos
  4. Choose Cohesive Colors and Props
  5. Add Cute and Custom Props to Baby Photos
  6. Don’t Forget the Details of Your Baby
  7. Photograph Sequences of Your Baby
  8. Consider Action Poses and Cues for Your Baby
  9. Try Multiple Secondary Angles
  10. Shoot During Golden Hour